Traditional WFMs are Falling Well Short

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The Store and Customer Experience is more important now than it ever has been before. It is tied directly to your top line and it is what will help you thrive in today’s extremely competitive Specialty Retail environment. Focus on your Stores, your Managers, and your Sales Floor Leaders – their Performance will make you successful.

  • No longer is aligning staff levels to traffic demand enough. The traditional workforce management solution falls well short of actually driving significant sales performance lifts.
  • Recognize that over 50% of your sales are done in your top 20, highest traffic, open hours. Put your best performers on the floor at these peak times.
  • Run a successful Sales Leadership Program. It is a best practice to have a Leader scheduled at all times, and make them accountable for the sales floor activities.
  • Have your Sales Floor Leaders coach on associate behaviors in-the-moment. Set conversion and basket-size targets down to 30 or 60-minute coaching intervals and course-correct throughout the day. It’s the difference between missing your day and blowing it out of the water.

StoreForce is a sales performance system, underpinned by an exclusive-to-Specialty Retail workforce management system that puts the Performance of the Store, Sales Floor Leaders, and associates at its core.

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The Latest News: ALEX AND ANI

“When a customer starts online and comes into the store prepped and ready to engage, our associates must be at the top of their game – our customers have high expectations. If they don’t buy at that moment, a great experience increases the likelihood they will buy online or return to a store.” – Jennifer Matanin, Director of Retail Operations for ALEX AND ANI.

Discover more by visiting us at the NRF show in NYC, January 14-16

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